Management Monday – Nikki Berryman

Every Monday, Nikki Berryman – licensed Practice Management Consultant for Laura Horton Consulting – posts about her current plans and experiences as the Business Development Manager for Pure Dental Health in Cornwall –

‘Is it just me or does it feel like you, as a PM,  are constantly just chasing your tail?

I was lucky enough to visit Belfast last Friday to speak at the Ultimate Practice Managers’ workshop with Laura Horton. One of my sessions was on ‘Effective Time Management’ and it transpired that many PMs feel the same.

We are pulled in all directions. The demands on our time by dentists, our team, suppliers, HTM01-05, CQC, patients, finance, marketing, equipment, IT, TCO…blah blah, the list goes on. Is it any wonder then that 80% of stress-related illnesses in the workplace are due to poor time management?

The key thing here I think is working out what is a ‘demand’, what is ‘necessary’, what is ‘urgent or important’, what can be delegated and what is a distraction.

Do you have a ‘to do’ list? Do you have workstreams for bigger projects? How well do you delegate?One of the simplest things that you can do to manage your time more effectively is to write a ‘to do’ list, prioritise your tasks and build in distraction time.

Try it today and you will be amazed at how much more organised and focused you become.’

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