Management Monday – Nikki Berryman

Every Monday, Nikki Berryman – licensed Practice Management Consultant for Laura Horton Consulting – posts about her current plans and experiences as the Business Development Manager for Pure Dental Health in Cornwall –


‘We had our annual Fire Safety Training here at Pure Dental last week.

We use a local company that take care of all our Fire Protection needs from our alarm system, fire blankets through to our on-site training. They provide a really excellent, comprehensive service that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

However I have the overall responsibility of audit, maintenance and review procedures. This involves scheduling maintenance/repairs of all equipment, scheduling training, carrying our quarterly risk assessments, reviewing the Fire Prevention Plan, monthly fire alarm ‘practice’ and daily testing of the alarms.

Of course in terms of CQC, these procedures need to be carefully documented and audited. So how do we as PMs keep on track with ongoing audits and reviews of our management procedures? The answer is robust systems – time management systems and scheduling systems.

Implementing effective systems in your practice will save so much time – I have already scheduled out 3 days next month to review all risk assessments, review and make changes to our Recruitment and Selection procedures and to review the Team Training Plans. Systems ensure control and efficiency. Are all your systems up to date?’



Nikki Berryman

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