Management Monday – Nikki Berryman

Every Monday, Nikki Berryman – licensed Practice Management Consultant for Laura Horton Consulting – posts about her current plans and experiences as the Business Development Manager for Pure Dental Health in Cornwall –

‘This has been another really busy week at Pure and I have also been writing a pre-dissertation report for my Social Science degree, which involves a lot of reading and research.

To say I have been under pressure is an understatement… I have been at my desk from about 5.30am, then off to work, returning to my desk until about 10pm every night, and working all weekend at home for the last few weekends. A huge workload, and so much more still to do.

It got me thinking about  work/life balance and that word “stress”. How often do we say that we are “stressed”? And do we really mean it or do we simply need to prioritise our time more effectively? ‘Real’ stress can be very serious, it is not an illness but a ‘state’. However, if stress becomes prolonged or excessive, mental and/or physical illness can develop.

So, what can we do to alleviate stress in the workplace? I think there are 5 very obvious things we can do, but when we are “stressed” these are often the first things to go out the window!

1) Eat well – by that I mean good, nutritious food. Drink lots of water and stay away from caffeine.

2) Take time out even when you are under pressure, it is so important to take a break, you will perform so much better if you are rested.

3) Delegate -don’t be a martyr, ask your team for help, that is what they are there for.

4) Find a mentor, a professional ‘buddy’ – someone you can talk you and ask for advice.

5) Get some exercise – the biggy – make sure its something you enjoy and preferably outdoors to get some fresh air.

Anyway, it’s Saturday lunchtime so I’m off to practice what I preach, a long run followed by lunch and a visit to the hairdressers! Then back in the study tomorrow…

Have a great week everyone!’



Nikki Berryman

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