Management Monday: It’s lonely at the top

This blog post stems from a full day presentation I am giving on Saturday in London as part of the advanced practice managers course with the Dental Nurse Network.lonely-alone-with-Jesus

I have a section called ‘home truths’ One of them is that it is lonely at the top.

Being a leader means that you can’t make easy decisions all the time. You need to be strong.

My biggest advice to PMs is to connect with others, when you have one of those days (or ST_HORTONCONSULTING_078weeks) you really can’t show your feelings to your team – instead find someone else to run things through with. By connecting with likeminded peers you will not feel so lonely. I never had another manager to connect with – on Saturday I want to make sure that everyone on this course connects so they do not feel so lonely at the top.


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