Management Monday: Interview tips

Practice managers are always talking to me about recruitment issues. In particular  how frustrating it is when you take all the time to interview and employ someone, for it to then turn into a very negative experience. Most commonly the new recruit either before the joining date  decides to reject the position or a couple of weeks into employment they resign.


Here are some of my golden tips for interviewing:

1)  Ideally interview a pool of candidates for any job at the practice

2)  Have a benchmarking system for being employed at your practice

3)  The interview needs to be in two parts. An interview with the PM/Business owner and a trial day with the team.

4)  If candidates have hit the benchmark and the trial day has gone well with the team, then offer job to the highest candidate first.

5)  Hold all other candidates that have reached benchmark and have a conversation with each one confirming that you have not got an immediate position at the practice, but they have reached your benchmark so if there is an opportunity in the next 6 months would they like to be offered a position?

6)  Highest candidate to be employed. If you find for whatever reason that they do not start their employment or leave in unusual circumstances you have allowed for this by benchmarking and holding candidates. Secondly if the candidate is failing in probationary you have allowed yourself another option without having to start from scratch and more disruption to your business.

Going on from tip 3, do involve your team in a trial day. In my experience they can be one of the causes of new employees leaving as the team have untimely rejected them. If a team have been on board with the recruitment system, it allows an easier passage for new employee and you find that the team nurture and support because they want to. The team are also savvy and in a trial day they often see things you did not at interview. I find this especially useful in employing providers and the experienced nurses can normally route out a concern which is invaluable to all.

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