Management Monday: How to become a business manager

After working as a Practice manager for the last 16 years, my work falls into two distinct categories. The two categories are reactive management and proactive management. Reactive management is all about implementing systems that are required to get from one day to the next consistently. Proactive management is all about working on your business, planning for the future and becoming the matradee of your business. Lets look at the two categories:Leadership ladder-resized-147.jpg

Reactive Management:

Proactive Management:

To be a business manager you have to implement systems and delegate responsibilities from the reactive list, in order to give you a fighting chance of spending a proportionate amount of your time on proactive management. It has taken me a number of years to develop key members of my team to fulfill the reactive responsibilities, but I can tell you first hand the reward is worth the investment and really up skills your team.

I now spend days proactively working on my business and spending days away from the practice as a consultant, so it can be done. There is so much pressure on PM’s now to combine all of the above and it normally means that proactive areas of the business are left on the to do pile as the reactive jobs take over and overwhelm so many managers.

Hitting the balance is important and I recommend a 60% proactive 40% reactive split when I support PM’s. The key is systems, finding passions, providing suitable training and then having the ability not to micro manage. You need to learn how to be supportive as individuals in your team learn and take on new responsibilities.

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