Management Monday: How to be a likeable boss

It’s a common belief that employees never like their boss. No matter how nice he or she is, the staff are not inclined to like the person who notices when they are running late, gives them tasks to do just when they’re getting ready to leave on a Friday, and has high standards for everything from their appearance to the state of the staff kitchen.ST_HORTONCONSULTING_149 1

However, if you forget about being the boss and develop certain key traits as part of your daily work, you’ll soon find your staff feel much more positive about you.

Firstly, remember your employees are people and treat them as equals. Be friendly from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, take an interest in all your staff and be patient with them. Compliment them for a job well done and make sure they feel valued.

Secondly, bear in mind that everyone in your practice can contribute to its success. Your junior staff members may be brimming with fantastic ideas, but if you never make yourself available for them to approach you, those ideas will go to waste.

If their suggestions turn out to be impractical or don’t fit with your vision, explain why. Be positive and encouraging, and show you have taken aspects of the idea on board even if you can’t implement all of it. They may come back with something even better.

The way you handle problems will leave a lasting impact. Whether it’s an issue in the workplace or something going on at home, an employee who feels their boss is understanding, compassionate and fair will be more inclined to overcome their difficulties than one who is treated like a nuisance, even if they can’t control the circumstances they are in.

Finally, be a dependable boss. There is nothing more frustrating than a boss who says one thing and does another. Be honest: tell your employees what your plans are and stick to them, or explain when you are changing direction. Staff who trust their boss will be fulfilled, happy and loyal – what more could you want?

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