Management Monday: Happy people

Some people just seem naturally happy, don’t they? When we’re struggling through a difficult day, we may wish we were more like them. Well, the good news is, we can be! These traits are common among happy people, so why not give them a try?rewardstaff

Focus: In the modern world, there are distractions all around – but we must learn to keep our attention in one place. Picking up the phone halfway through a conversation is just rude, and sends a clear signal about how important you think your time is compared to theirs. Equally, don’t be reading other documents or doing other work during a meeting. Again, it’s rude, and you might miss something vital which will improve the business. Keeping a clear focus helps you to keep a clear mind.

Look forward: It’s easy to look to the past for reasons why things have gone wrong, but what does it achieve? Learn to let things go: review, reflect, and move on to bigger and better things.

Be positive: People make mistakes, but looking for blame does not make us feel happy – and nor does complaining about our problems. Instead, look for a solution, or a way to avoid the problem in future. You’ll feel more positive straight away – and happier when things work out better the second time around.

… But say ‘no’: Being positive doesn’t mean doing everything that’s asked of you. Saying ‘yes’ to everything can leave you feeling negative, particularly when the work isn’t worth your time. Done in the right way, saying ‘no’ can be a positive step – and will certainly make you happier.

Take a risk: It’s not always an easy feeling to do something without being certain of the outcome. However, the best business leaders take risks when the potential gains make it worthwhile. Yes, you stand to fail – but doing nothing could in itself be seen as a kind of failure. Learn to overcome your fears and launch yourself into something new with all your energy.

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