Management Monday: Happiness

Are you as happy as you could possibly be?

Most of us will admit we could be happier, especially when we’re at work – and the good news is that there’s a simple solution.0602

All you have to do is focus on making other people happy, and you’ll find that positivity comes back to you. Try these tactics and see the difference they make:

Attitude: Tell someone they have improved your day just through their attitude. “I’m always happy to see you,” works well, or “Things always run smoothly when you’re here!” Rather than waiting until they do something particularly well, this recognises the daily impact they have on the practice.

Reminder: If someone has doubts about their abilities, boost their confidence by bringing up something they’ve done well in the past. As well as highlighting their strengths, you’ll surprise them by showing you noticed their work and you still remember it. Add something like, “You really impressed me,” and they’ll be skipping around for the rest of the day!

Request: Asking someone to give their opinion or make a suggestion about how you proceed with a project shows you trust them and have confidence in them. If you listen carefully and ask thoughtful questions afterwards, the effect is compounded.

Thanks: Everybody likes to be thanked for their work. As well as showing day-to-day gratitude to your staff, try to remember to go back to them after they have done something which has really helped you. Who wouldn’t want to be told “Your idea was great!”?

Reciprocate: If someone thanks you for something, make sure you say “You’re welcome”. This is your payback for all the hard work you’ve put in to making others feel more positive – but it’s also a sign that other people are following your lead. Acknowledging their thanks properly makes everyone feel more positive. You’ll soon be feeling that warm glow the moment you arrive at work.



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