Management Monday: Great Leaders

We’ve all met someone who we think is a great leader. Whether they run their own business or they’re a high flying politician, some people just seem to be natural leaders – it’s like they are born with the right combination of skills.ST_HORTONCONSULTING_149 1

While there is an element of truth in the idea that some of us have a natural aptitude for leadership, even the best leaders have to work on their skills – and those who take to it less easily can still learn and improve significantly.

The best leaders have a few key traits in common which we can all use:

  1. Open – they are willing to take other people’s ideas on board and can accept when they are wrong, knowing it does not make them appear weaker. They understand the importance for encouraging contributions from others.
  2. Decisive – they know when to take charge and make a final decision. They will always follow a decision through to a successful conclusion and take ultimate responsibility for ensuring this happens.
  3. Positive – they give praise where it is deserved and they look for the good points in people.
  4. Communicate – they are able to make their point clearly to people in a way which ensures they are understood. They also listen carefully and show they have taken other people’s thoughts on board.
  5. Confident – They know and understand their own skills and inspire confidence in those who follow them. At the same time, they are aware of their limits – they do not feel that, as a leader, they should be an expert at everything. They know to consult experts in other areas, such as marketing or financial planning, when necessary.

If you want to improve your leadership skills, follow the example of those who are already great leaders. Learn from the best and you will soon be on the track to success.

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