Management Monday: Caring presents itself in strange ways

It seems to me that people often confuse caring with being kind.  The two aren’t the same thing.  Sometimes, the most caring thing you can do is to be honest – even if it involves being a bit harsh.images-16

Those who “give a shit” are willing to make things uncomfortable, in order to help others recognise the points that matter and, subsequently, learn from them.

Anyone can tell you that your work is great, and a great many will, even if this isn’t the case. They’ll smile pleasantly, say flattering things, and let you feel good about yourself. Sure, we all need this sort of thing from time to time, but it can also be both selfish and damaging. It’s easy, and personally beneficial, to blow sunshine up people’s butts. In the long run, however, this sort of thing can be hazardous.

Such misinformation screws with one’s bearings, leaving a false sense of one’s abilities. Once established, these misconceptions prove very hard to shake, thus placing a substantial barrier on one’s growth.

I hate the notion of lying to people. I’d rather be totally honest, and really help someone out—be they a friend, client, staff member, or new designer—than mislead them. I give strangers smiles and nods; I save tearing things apart for those I’m close to, because they are worth that level of care and attention.


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