Management Monday: Can you learn to be successful? No.

If you are like me, you will spend many hours reading books and magazines, listening to ST_HORTONCONSULTING_149 1audiobooks, going on courses and surfing the internet.  We are all doing it.

So many of us are committed to learning today… But how many of you put your learning to good use?

I don’t personally believe that you can be successful just from learning alone. You need to take the next step and use what you have learnt and put it into action.

It is the action that you take with what you have learnt that will get you success, not just learning on its own.

I was given some good advice by a life coach many years ago and I want to share it with you. I would like you to think about four hurdles you need to jump to keep your momentum and reach success, in both your business and in your personal life:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Discipline
  3. Learning
  4. Acting

The hurdles are deliberately placed in this order: first, you take the responsibility for the action you need to take. Then you have to have the discipline to keep doing it. Finally, learn more about the action you need to take, in order to reach the finish line of success!

We can all take responsibility for starting things – saying we’re going to do more exercise, for example. It’s easily said, but it’s another thing to have the discipline to keep it going. Once you overcome that second hurdle, you can begin to learn from your experience and use that knowledge to direct how you act in the future.

Try it today. Apply these four hurdles to a current situation or problem and see how, just by being aware of them, you can take real action to become more successful.

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