Management Monday

Every Monday, Nikki Berryman – licensed Practice Management Consultant for Laura Horton Consulting – posts about her current plans and experiences as the Business Development Manager for Pure Dental Health in Cornwall.


‘Back at work today after spending a lovely few days in Paris. I am lucky enough to work with a great team of girls who are ALL fab at what they do. So I came back to find everything had been running really well and everything was organised.
But, is it just me?  Where does all this paperwork come from?? It took a day to catch up. Time to practice what I preach and look at time management and prioritising tasks.
There are always those tasks that I try to put off – are you the same? My trick now is to come in fresh, 1st thing, and do the one task I am dreading straight away and have it completed by mid-morning at the latest.
For any of you that have problems with time management or procrastination, please read ‘Eat that Frog’ by Brian Tracy. The title of the book comes from an old Mark Twain quote, saying that if the first thing you do is eat a frog, you will do nothing worse the rest of the day. Tracy likens the frog in this quote to the main priority that must be completed each day. And if there are two equally-important tasks, eat the uglier frog, or complete the task that seems most daunting or difficult first. Once “the frog” has been eaten, the rest of the day will run much smoother. Try It! Have a good week!’


Nikki Berryman

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