The good times are here again and dental practice owners can start to relax as patients are happier to spend their cash – wrong.comuciation skills

There is no time to relax and go back to old habits that may of caused problems when the recession hit.

Loyalty is the name of the game now! Switched on practices have their marketing sorted.

They do not place random adverts just because there is an offer from the local paper, they place an advert every month, each month marketing different treatments and creating brand awareness too.577954_10152062165387524_281563330_n

In time your patients may change to a different practice so how do you keep them loyal to you?

Marketing is one aspect – you need to ensure that they know what services you offer, but the key to gaining loyalty is membership.

I keep meeting practices that do not have membership as a key part of their business.

If you have it and do not feel it is working then you need to address the benefits that this offers. Is there a saving? What benefits do members get compared to pay as go patients?

Membership really does drive your loyalty, and at the end of the day businesses thrive on loyalty. It costs much more to gain new patients when your focus should also be on retaining the ones that you have.


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