The low energy team member

This one is tricky!

These team members are not negative people, they are:

Yet they lack energy and therefore their negative energy does flow onto others in the business. They are fine to be around unless you are perhaps feeling down, and then you don’t want to be around them as you too will have low energy!

If you have a team member with low energy then you need to look at the roles they have in your business and make sure that they are only working on passion areas.

I love to cross train team members and train them to high standards but this doesn’t work well for the low energy person.

For them to achieve and maintain medium level energy (you will never have them bouncing off the walls) you must ensure that they are only working in a role that they love.

We are all different and although some team members thrive on multiple roles and tasks for others this is a drain.

Working on passions is the key to feeling good, and feeling good omits a higher level of energy….


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