Lessons learnt while away from home

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The last two weeks I have been away from home, the first on holiday and this week I have been in Northern Ireland working with practices and today I am at a hygiene conference in Bristol.

While on holiday my long suffering boyfriend of 6 years and I learnt a valuable thing – we eat too fast!

We are so used to rushing our breakfast, lunch and dinner that on holiday is was clear to see how quickly we ate. By the end of the week we were eating at a relaxed speed and I am never going rush my food again. I have noticed that I am full really quickly from much less than I would of eaten in the same amount of time and I am sure this will help me digest food better too!

Lesson number two:

When hiring a car abroad (this happened in NI) remember that it is not like yours at home

1. It has a clutch – I kept stalling

2. It has biscuit wheels – I almost crashed it on a corner

3. It has no power – dangerous when overtaking a tractor on a road you don’t know

4. Going over 80 mph almost blows the engine – the smell was horrendous!!

5. It costs hardly anything to fill up – result!

Laura Horton

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