‘Laura Loves’ sharing dining experiences

Last week on holiday my fiancé and I took his 11 year old daughter to our favourite restaurant.

We normally treat ourselves to a couple of visits per holiday but as I wasn’t sure whether Chloe would like the food or enjoy it I only booked in once.

We holiday often in Portugal. For me it is instant relaxation and thats what I need!

The majority of restaurants are simple, with great food and friendly service. But this one opened a few years ago and was just what the area needed as it has a touch of class – drinks waiters, amazing menus, fab customer service, a great setting and ambience. The bill is about €30 more than the other restaurants but when I am on holiday I deserve a treat!

As we arrived the owner Paulo greeted us and shook our hands and then reached out to shake Chloe’s hand (who he had never met before)  she was shy, but I thought it was lovely.

I helped Chloe to choose her courses and she wanted fish for main. I don’t really eat fish, I wish I did but I am a steak lover. Myself and my fiancé shot each other worried looks: OMG she want fish we don’t eat it what do we recommend!

I called over Paulo and explained that Chloe would like to try fish and that I didn’t know what she would like. he said “don’t worry I will give you seabass and I will fillet it so you really enjoy it.” Phew. He then served hers with chips, he never serves chips only potatoes (my fiancé loves chips) and made a real fuss of her.

She loved the seabass, even ate the skin and continued to have fish for the rest of the holiday!

We carried on dining out every night, after we had been to many of our favourite spots I asked her which she preferred. It was Paulo’s! So for our final night we changed a reservation and took her back there.

She’s a girl after my own heart and loves fantastic dining experiences, and we loved sharing something we enjoy so much with her.

Chloe also encouraged us to eat fish! On Thursday evening we were booked for a restaurant that has the best reputation for fish, so we each had some. Don’t get me wrong, I like haddock and eat it at home but on this night I had monkfish and thoroughly enjoyed it. The service was so friendly (it was the place Paulo used to manage before setting up his own restaurant) and they make a real song and dance about filleting the fish in front of you, two of them race to do it the quickest and its fun not only for us but the other diners eagerly waiting for their food.

“Experiences” are what you need to be focusing on in your business, creating talking points for your clients so that they tell their friends. I have been implementing the Patient Experience into practices for a long time now, who wants a boring journey? I know I don’t – I want an experience and so do your patients’!

Laura Horton

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