Laura loves… going to the beauticians

This week the Laura Loves blog post is about going to the beauticians!

Besides the obvious the main reasons are:

  1. I am seen on time, every time by the lovely Cheryl
  2. Cheryl has built a great relationship with me, she knows everything about me and is interested in me
  3. I have never once been in pain during a waxing appointment (compared to the last place that had me in tears!)
  4. Ellis also sees me on time when she does my nails – as she knows this is also important to me
  5. The team are highly trained and go on courses at least every other week.
  6. The use the best products, materials and equipment and invest in the best
  7. The team are caring and friendly, they make me laugh
  8. They reward me for being a client and reward me for referrals
  9. They have educated me like never before about my skincare and anti-aging regime and I now have the best products on the market to keep me looking like I am in my late 20’s rather than my mid thirties  (please agree)
  10. They know I am a pain in the backside (ringing on the day for appointments, having high expectations) but they still treat me and make me happy

Surely these are things you can do with your dental business too?

Laura Horton

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