Laura Horton – whats what…

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This weeks topic in Laura’s social media stream is – Laura Horton so here are a few personal and work facts about Laura:


  1. She is 32
  2. Her star sign is cancer
  3. She has  good work life balance
  4. She likes white wine – French and Chilean in particular
  5. She loves to eat out but hates to cook
  6. She lives in Hertfordshire although most people think she’s from Essex
  7. She loves her red Kurt Geiger shoes more than any others
  8. She is Apple mad
  9. She does work out but it is either hard core or non existent
  10. Laura is a very fussy eater after having food poisoning too many times!


  1. Laura started working as a dental nurse 15 years ago -b the job was local to her home and pub!
  2. In week one she fainted during an apicoectomy
  3. She worked as a temp nurse twice for over a year in total and loved it
  4. As well as being a DCP she has her radiography qualification and a merit in OHA
  5. Her last employment saw her working as a treatment coordinator in 2004
  6. She is on an episode of Extreme Makeover UK for 10 seconds
  7. She loves her old boss Ash Parmar and counts him as a dear friend
  8. She spent years developing the system and role of the Treatment Coordinator to what it is today
  9. She has a major passion for this role as well as team development in the dental practice
  10. She loves a challenge! In 2008 she quit her high paid job (with 7 weeks holiday a year) to set up her own business with no money and large debts.

I hope she doesnt mind, but this had to be written when she has a topic about herself!

Katey – Laura’s PA

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