Laura Horton’s dental training helps you but your best foot forward

Laura_ Horton_ by_ Catchlight_Art_Photography (6)While completing a recent patient care and communication programme for a dental practice (a bespoke course completed in your practice) the same old problems came to light.

The reason for me being at the practice was so that results could occur and so that everyone can move forward at the same time – in the right direction.

While I can help practices to move in the right direction, you can as a practice owner or practice manager also help yourself.

My training days show you exactly what you can then follow on with in your practice meetings and the CQC would love the agendas, formats and action points! But you can do this yourself. I know that half the battle is knowing where to start!

Practices should without a doubt, hold monthly team training days to take the team forward. For many practices I do this for them. Its booked in the diary and will definitely happen which takes the pressure off the practice, however, thereafter you can use my blueprint to practice, practice, practice.

After all practice makes good practice.

Laura Horton

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