Knowing your numbers

It is a breath of fresh air when one of my clients contacts me to tell me how his conversion rate is up to 82% and inLaura_ Horton_ by_ Catchlight_Art_Photography (6)come has increased by 60% within one month of using a Treatment Coordinator.

Obviously he is very pleased, and so am I, as I know what this role can do for a practice. For me though it is wonderful to be presenated with this information on the last day of the month, without me having to email him and chase him to find out the figures!!

So what do you look at each month? You should be aware of your conversion rates and the amount that the average NP is spending. You should be looking at where the NP’s are coming from too. What is working and what is not. Why? Because if something is working do more of it!!

So start today – look at October and see what happened in your practice last month.

Have fun


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