It’s been a while…..

Blogging writing and social media were aspects of my work life that I really used to enjoy but since the new year I have not posted hardly a thing. Here’s why:Sunset

  1. Time – my work / life balance is my priority at all times and prioritising I have been
  2. I am really bored of one particular social media platform so had a break
  3. I wanted to see if not posting affected by business in anyway (it has not)
  4. Facebook changed the rules and if you placed anything promotional without paying to boost the post your reach was reduced
  5. I have been busy planning and have exciting news to share with you this week
  6. I have been travelling non-stop, mostly by plane this year and instead of staying in hotels I have had some really long days which leaves no time to write /post  in the evenings

So why I am writing this post – in short I miss writing and my break from social media is now is over. I have become a massive fan of Instagram on my break but will be partaking in a bit of Facebook, twitter and Pinterest too.

What have I been up to:

  1. Working with lots of clients but sticking to my strict diary control
  2. Selling out of visionary days that Mike and I do together (we only block a few dates out a year for them)
  3. Sitting in seat 3C on many flights to Ireland, N. Ireland, Italy and Spain
  4. Teaching a practice management course in Belfast and London
  5. Delivering other one day courses
  6. Launching and ILM level 3 award in leadership and management
  7. Launching a radiography for DCPs qualification
  8. Launching an oral health education and preventative care for DCPs qualification

and so much more! Oh and in the middle of this I decided to cut my hair and have a new ‘do’. I was going for the Taylor Swift look but at 35.75 years of age I haven’t been able to pull it off!

So keep an eye out for posts, if you want to connect on your favourite platform go to my website to get a direct link to my page

And next week I will have something very exciting to share with you too!


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