I’m speaking at an exclusive event for dentists!


I am pleased to say I am a confirmed speaker at Tony Gedges “2009 Treasure Map To Private Practice Riches Experience” Tony has an amazingly successful marketing company called Marketing Pirates Of Dentistry; he helps practices grow in ways you will have never heard of before.

The event will be teaching you how to have a successful patient base by:

  1. know WHO they are
  3. understand them
  4. can effectively communicate with them
  5. tailor your practice, people, products and services towards them
  6. “match your message to micro affluent market”
  7. EXPERIENCES of the extreme
  8. re-engineer your patient journey by adding EXLUSIVITY to attract and retain

All the speakers including myself are excellent! Ashley Latter, Chris Barrow and there is even a live web session with Paddi Lund! What’s more I have managed to get 5 free tickets for my lucky readers – the link to receive them is at the bottom of the blog!

I personally cannot wait to take my first trip to Manchester and fill everyone in on the Treatment Coordinator role that is sweeping the nations private practices by storm. This role is the ultimate role for a team member in your practice. It will explode your patients experience, and improve team morale no end. I quite simply like to describe this role as “concierge dentistry”, and it does not cost you; the business owner a penny more in staff wages!

To book your free space click this link or copy and paste into your address bar:


Next time find out whats happening in December for Laura Horton Consulting




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