I am not alone – A blog about my personal pain & gain

Yesterday I spent the day with Chris Barrow, the night before I did not sleep. I was too hot and clearly had something on my mind.

When I met with Chris yesterday we were having a general chat over a pot of tea.

I mentioned (while feeling awful) that I have just bought a new car and as excited as I am, the realisation that I have just emptied my bank account for the deposit and now have no money was not a good feeling.

The reason I was feeling bad was that I have just turned 32 and thought that really I should be slightly more sensible than I was 5-10 years ago!

When I told Chris, his response was to burst in laughter and say “emptying your bank account to get a new car, thats right up my street”

So I laughed too, realised I am not alone, I enjoy the stress of my ever reckless buying decisions (and the fun of the purchase). I am every salesman’s dream customer.

We then diverted to discussing that we both want a MacBook Air and will get the IPad 3 when its out!


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