Hygienists, hourly rates, part 2…..



One of the most common themes when discussing hygienist hours and rates of pay is the fact that business owners dislike paying someone for “doing nothing”.

Firstly if you have lots of gaps this needs addressing urgently but today we’re discussing “doing nothing”.

I have to say that the majority of hygienists are fantastic TEAM members – yes that’s right they are part of the team, and they help out wherever they can when they do have a gap. But I have met a few who would sit in their room reading a magazine while the team struggle. You have to ask yourself why this is?

It’s not the hygienists fault, it’s about the culture of the practice and the way the team work together.

If you have a hygienist who has never been told they are required to call patients to fill gaps, needed to file cards, answer phones or help in the decontamination room when they have a gap – why would they?

The biggest problem you have is the lack of communication and the actual “discussing” of what’s required. 

This is what I see in practices still. One manager may complain about a hygienist “they never help out”. When asked if they have sat down with them and explained what needs doing as a TEAM the answer is always “no”.

So before you complain or whinge about your hygienist, who is probably an outstanding individual who would like to be more involved in the practice and to feel part of the team, take a step back and confirm what you have actually communicated to them in the first place and make plans to address this urgently.

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By Laura Horton

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