Hygienest on an hourly rate? Michaels view…..



This was a question asked in a recent Horton Hangout, we have broken the subject of hygienists into two blog posts, one today and one tomorrow!

LH: Mike should hygienists be on an hourly rate? 

MB: No

LH: Why?


  1. Your business cannot afford to haemorrhage money with someone being paid when they are not doing anything (e.g not seeing a patient – look out for the next blog post re why this happens)
  2. Hourly rate hygienists tend to be the ones that do not go the extra mile for patients or the team
  3. Being self employed means you shouldn’t know what you are earning every day and if you do that means you should be employed!

Watch out for tomorrow’s blog post about your hygienists and what they do or don’t do when there are gaps!

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