How virtual consultations are a different experience for different members of the team

In lockdown 1 in 2020, while many TCOs moved their consultations online, many dentists also took the opportunity to hold free consultations to patients too.

Even now, 11 months later, practices are seeing the benefit of implementing virtual consultations and I am still working with many practices that:

  1. Had to use their TCO as a runner / nurse for so long and now they need that role back – they now require support to deliver world class consultations virtually
  2. They are starting to implement Treatment Coordination into their business and want to start with the free consultation appointment, either virtually or in person
  3. Have been holding free consults virtually but would like to maximise the opportunities they have, and to provide an amazing experience for the patient so as to increase conversions

Recently on a Clubhouse room I held we had great conversations –  it was really interesting to hear everyone’s take on the virtual free consultation appointment.

My comments where that, from my experience, I preferred face to face consultations, for relationship building mainly. It is also hard to read body language when the patient is sat still in their office chair or sofa.

Other TCOs with years of experience agreed, they also described how different it is and that it is also so much easier for a patient to be less committed to the brand of the practice as they do not commit to actually coming in for a free consultation.

One dentist said how they love the virtual consultation. It was completely new to her, not something she had undertaken before, but she loves the rapport building that she is getting with her patients, and then how lovely it is when she meets them in person.

One TCO said how well the virtual consultation is in supporting new nervous patients and she is holding a high number of free consultations with nervous patients. The patients are really enjoying the appointments and feeling reassured to make an appointment for an assessment too!

If you are holding free virtual consultations, we would love to hear from you in the Treatment Coordinator Club Community.

We have over 300 members so far and I have a feed there to find out more from you. If you have any burning questions, please ask them too and I will support you!

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