How to become a treatment coordinator

“I would love to be a Treatment Coordinator”

Music to my ears, but while many would love to be a TCO it’s the “how to” become one that often leaves dentists, dental nurses, practice managers and dental receptionists confused laura-hortonor worried.

If you are a team member wishing to implement this role into your practice the first thing you have to do is ask yourself why you would like to be a TCO? The next step is work out (on paper) how this role would benefit your practice. How would it sync in? Which aspects of the role would you use? Free consultations, intial consultations, supporting the dentists in their treatment planning and presentation of the options?

Once you have a plan arrange a meeting with the principal dentist and be open to questions including the negative ones! Create a SWOT analysis in advance!

One tip I have for you is not to think about this selfishly. This is where many team members fall down. When this role is implemented you need to have more than one person trained to complete the role – as part of your plan identify who else in the practice could be trained as a treatment coordinator. This way the role will not become stale if you leave, are unwell etc.


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