How often do you hold appraisals?

“So how often should you do appraisals?” I am asked this question at least once a week!0600

As a manager of a large busy practice with around 20 staff I find once a year is normally adequate for me.

I spend at least 2 days prepping everything for all the appraisals and then I book 2 hours for each staff member. If you do them thoroughly enough then this will benefit you and the employee.

I hold mine in August as I find that this is a great month to take stock and see what I need to achieve and where team members are going. Course enrollment normally starts in September so it can be useful in getting a qualification started. I would then hold review meeting every 3 to 6 months to keep in touch where people are with the goals we have set out and if I need to provide an additional support.

However, if you have a team were standards need raising quickly, or you are about to go through a period of change then I would increase the frequency to every 3 or 6 months .

Remember have fun with appraisals they should not be a beat up session, they should be a time to reflect and say thank you for the contribution they are each making to the team. It is a time to vision for the future and discover their individual part in that journey. Appraisals are a very rewarding job, but take care to plan them, to keep them positive and most importantly deliver them with passion.



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