How much?


Which option did I choose for a private consultation with a
specialist dermatologist?

1. The top dog in London, private hospital. 15 minute initial consultation £200

2. Top dog locally, private hospital, 50 minute initial consultation £195

If like me you’re thinking option 1 sounds similar to the NHS – so did I! I chose option 2.

No 1 needs to get over himself! How can he know the answer to 18 years of problems  in 15 minutes, it’s beyond me! Apaprently I would leave with a prescription too! Not on your nelly!

Money for old rope doesn’t interest me, someone who “needs 50 minutes” with me does.

Private medical care and the way it is insurance based could give private care a bad name, make sure you don’t have a “money for old rope” service in your practice. Take a critical look today!

Laura Horton

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