How I started with dental photography

Since 2004 I have been taking digiatal photographs of patients’ before, during and after their dental treatment.

I first used  a Fugi point and shoot first of all (shown here), at the time it took great shots but it was really hard to keep the camera in focus when I was trying to get close to the patient.

I have always used a monopod. This single leg is great as it takes the weight of the camera and really helps you to keep the shot stable.

Around 2005 I started to use a Nikon SLR. This was even heavier so the monopod became essential, especially as then I was much thinner (therefore weaker/ suffering from lack of strength!) and have always been the type of person that has slightly shaky hands! Dentists don’t understand this – I would be an awful dentist, going into the pulp by accident, but many team members do understand and are often greatful for the tip of using a monopod.

Using the SLR camera was amazing. Finally we were using the lens we were meant to for dental photography (105 mm macro lens) and the results were outstanding.

The practice owned 2 SLRs and I bet they made their ROI very quickly as you can see the difference in the patients reaction when you show them the shots, and the detail is amazing too.

So thats my story!

I now use a Canon with a sigma lens and ringflash – a great piece of kit and my recommendation to you.  I now teach hands on dental photography to the entire dental team either in workshops or in practice.

Why not come along? I have a workshop on the 5th of October in Leicester, mention this blog and I will do you a cracking deal!

Laura Horton

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