2010 – a good start, or a slow start?

Have the plans you created and goals you visualised began to fall into place? Or are  you fearing another year of no action and no development of your dental business.Laura_ Horton_ by_ Catchlight_Art_Photography (6)

This year change must happen.  If you think you can continue down the same path as you have been for the last few years and everything will be OK  – think again.

I heard of too many practices going under towards the end of 2009.

These practices were not doing anything different hence they couldn’t survive. Their marketing was poor or non existent, the team were average – nothing special, and patients were not impressed with the way they were treated (I am guessing that one, but would put money it).

And I am still aware of practices that do not have financial targets and marketing plans in place. New patients do not fall out of the sky into your chair – you must be proactive.

Make this year “the year you shine” as a team. If you have not already made any plans or begun with any progress then now is the time – better late than never.

Laura Horton

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