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Last week I had an infortunate incident with VW.

My car was booked for a service and they had it all day. At 4.50 PM they called me. I was expecting VW to say my car was ready for collection. It was ready, but had not been serviced as they had “forgotten”  it.

Their excuse was a lie and I caught them out and told them so. My next question was why couldn’t you be honest and tell me the truth and take responsibility?

In the end they did and I collected my car from the service area and went home.

They have now collected and returned my car and refunded my taxi fares but am I a satisfied customer? Would I go back to them? NO. In fact another error happened for the rebooked service. They forgot to collect my car at 8.30 AM and arrived at 11.00 AM after I had called them!

At a restaurant recently the waiter came over and said to me  ” I am very sorry your food will not be too long now, but I did make a mistake, I forgot to press send when I entered your order. I have ensured you food is now at the front of the queue and I will bring it over as soon as it is ready. I will get you a complimentary drink while you wait.”

Prior to this I did not think that I had been waiting a long time and I did not know there was a problem. The waiter did not have to tell me abo0ut it either. The fact that he was honest did not annoy me, in fact I did not care what error he had made. He was kind, sincere, and honest and I still tipped him.

In practice the same patient is always at the end of the mistakes that happen, and these patients think you are useless when you know you are not – it juts keeps happening to the same patient over and over. The best thing you can do is be honest. Never allow a member of your team to tell anything but the truth and the person who made the mistake needs to come clean. This wins you respect and keeps your patients coming back to you.

Honesty is always the best policy!

Laura Horton

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