Handling employees

The moment you become an employer, you take on a series of new problems you could never have imagined.cubesmall

While many members of your team will be the professional, supportive and dedicated people we hope for, there will always be at least one who causes more problems than the rest put together.

I’ve spent years working with practices and I can spot the trouble-makers a mile away. What might surprise you is that they tend to fall into three distinct categories.

Rebel without a cause: Some people like to be different. Most of us rebel during our teenage years, but we generally grow out of it as we mature. Those who don’t can cause problems in the workplace in later years. However, the good news is that that rebellious streak is often a sign of independence and confidence which, if correctly channelled, can create a brilliant employee.

Why is it always me?: Some people feel like the world is out to get them. Whatever the problem, they are the one that is worst off, and they believe things are done deliberately to make them suffer. These victims are likely to have high levels of sick leave and it can be hard to know whether that’s genuine or not.

Look at ME!: Everyone knows someone who likes to be the centre of attention. In a social situation, it can be annoying, but in a business it is a nightmare. They want to be involved in everything and they cause all sorts of arguments, requiring you to step in to sort things out. They also like to gossip – and there is nothing that causes more tension and animosity in a practice.

All of these ‘types’ of employees require careful handling. If their behaviour can’t be improved, they can cause real damage to your business – so you need to be able to remove them as soon as possible. At Horton Consulting, we have experience in dealing with the most difficult of employees, resolving conflict and allowing you to get on with the business of managing your practice. Just ask us if you need help.

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