Become a Lead Champion… 2023, time to invest in the team that can get you that ROI

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Are you a clinic owner or dentist that is investing in marketing – bringing leads in but you do not have the conversion that you wish for?


Do you have or wish to have one or two team members dedicated to handling online leads to maximise your ROI?

Do you have team members who need training and support in converting high value patients to in clinic appointments?

Be warned – there is no quick or cheap fix!

Training your team takes a huge amount of time, often time that you do not have as owners and managers.

This is where the Lead Champion program from Horton Consulting comes in. Laura has helped 1000’s of dentists grow their clinics.

Laura was fantastic, the course is so informative and engaging. I would absolutely recommend this course to anybody wishing to implement the treatment coordinator role in practice. I’m excited to use these concepts in my own role. – Toni

Laura can work with your team to:

  1. Convert more high value leads to appointments
  2. Free up your time to train your team at the very highest level
  3. Motivate and empower your team to feel confident in handling leads
  1. Share her grass root methods that have supported the conversion of high value patients for over 18 years
  2. Stop the sleepless nights you may have worrying about ROI
  3. Help you feel confident in your marketing and ROI

Who is this for?

This is for any clinic who:

  • Wants to maximise their ROI in lead acquisition marketing
  • Wants to dedicate the task on handling leads to one or two team members to improve efficiency and results
  • Is serious about maximising opportunities to develop their business
  • Prepared to give the team time to learn and develop their new skills
  • Wants to stop pouring money down the drain as they have not invested in training the team to become a lead champion.

Places are limited but you can take part by booking a free strategy call to confirm your place. Clinic owners can do that by clicking here to access the calendar.

How does it work?

Each team member has access to Laura’s GROW program

G – Grow your conversions of high value patients to in-clinic appointments

R – ROI focused methods to screen the correct patients for your clinic

O – Optimise the systems for converting leads

W – Work along Laura to receive world Class training, coaching, mentoring for your team

You will have access to Laura for 10 weeks

Every week Laura reviews real lead calls live with your team, to help everyone critique, grow and learn how to develop faster and get results quicker.

An in-depth training platform packed with great training, role play videos, manuals and resources.

A private student group for daily support.

Laura’s delivery, tips and tricks, and role play examples are very helpful. Including communication tips for discussions regarding the implementation of systems for the practice, patient and TCOS. – Sarah

Start date 10th January 2023

LIVE call reviews every
Tuesday 13:30 GMT for one hour
excluding Tuesday 14th February 2023

End date Tuesday 21st March

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