Free consultations who should be holding them?

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You know that new patients are very important to your practice.

But one thing I am sure on is that dentists should not be holding the free consultations. It completely devalues you. Did you notice that was a big full stop at the end of the last sentance!

One way to attract new patients into your practice is with a free consultation; by consultation I mean a discussion, not an assessment. People are now more than ever fearful of spending money without knowing if something they desire is something that is even suitable – who wants to pay £40 to find out if they can have their teeth whitened? No-one! How many dentally anxious patients are there in your town? 25%? Imagine if 10% of those came to your practice because you targeted them and they could come in for a “chat” with a team member not a dentist!

Free consultations need to be offered. Free consultations, are not about an assessment. This is where most practices’ go wrong, and you also devalue the assessment. When you see a patient for a free appointment it is costing you money. Let them see a member of your team who can build a relationship and value, and spend a good amount of time with the patient listening to them. At the end of the day this will increase your hourly rate.

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Laura Horton

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