Why your follow up conversion rate may be lower this month

It’s the month that the self-employed of the UK dread, and this year it is even worse for company directors.

Tax month!

When you are following up with people this month and their job title says  “company director” do not be surprised if they do not want to go ahead with their treatment.

Make sure you are asking them “when shall I call you next?” to keep them in your follow up system (I bet many say next month).

Company directors are being stung this month for a new tax and not only do they pay for this year, guess what? They have to pay for next year too!

Company directors are paying anything from £1500-5000 more this January than last, and they have to pay half of next years this month and the other half of next years in July 2018! Imagine having to pay £7500 more this month than you did last year!

So here’s to the treasury who will no doubt declare how successful they have been when all they have done is rip of company owners a little more.

And heres to you making sure you know why people maybe declining that treatment plan this month even if they did ask you to call in the new year. Keep focusing and arrange another time to call back.

Your fortune is in your follow up.



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