Feeling special

Laura_ Horton_ by_ Catchlight_Art_Photography (6)Recently I went to a practice that I had been to before, however, this time we are focusing on a plan to take the team to the highest of heights with their customer service.

If you recall my last blog I wrote about how I know if a team provide good customer service because of the way I am treated well read on and see what you think about this.

On this wet and cold morning my journey took three times the amount of time and I was quite frankly, feeling extremely unwell.

When I arrived at the practice feeling even worse, I warned the lovely team that I had a bug so keep at arms length from me (not that we were going to spend the day cuddling!)

I was then presented with a present – this made my day, made me feel special, and made my eyes well with emotion – because as ill as I felt these three people had now made me feel fantastic.

Take a look at what they did for me:

My very own name badge for their practice! I will wear this with pride every time I visit their practice. If they made me feel this good, how well do they treat their patients? I would say exceptionally well.  www.lifestyledental.co.uk

Laura Horton

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