Negative team members

From a survey we did some time ago 64% of dentists reported that they have 1-2 negative team members working for them! This is a staggering number!shutterstock_137272214

So if this is you, how do you deal with it? Hiding away from the issues only makes things worse and the team loose respect for the owners and management too!

Having strong systems for HR is really important. You have to know what the legal systems are so that you do not get yourself into hot water!

HR is also about motivating the team and ensuring they understand the vision, and are asked to contribute their ideas. How do you do this? Appraisals.

How often do you hold appraisals? What format do you use?

To help you we have a webinar on Monday the 2nd of June at 1pm, to book your place and listen to a live example of how to deal with a poor performing team member then click this link below to book your place!




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