Fact Friday: 51% of dentists are not…..

puzzledTaken from our November 2012 survey we found that 51% of dentists are not doing enough of the clinical dentistry they are passionate about.shutterstock_137272214

With that in mind 46% were planning to spend 4-7 days on clinical courses in 2013.

Dentists should be happy to hear that 59% of nurses and 70% of receptionists wanted to learn about treatment coordination, 40% of nurses wanted to be trained on impression taking, photography and radiography!

Blowing your own trumpet isn’t easy but all of the team need to share their goals and passions. The solution:


These are essential if you wish your team to grow, develop and support your businesses vision. This is the ideal opportunity to ‘share’ on a one to one basis. Yet 43% of the team members said they have yearly appraisals. 16% haven’t had one in over a year, 6% in over 2 years and a staggering 17% had never had one!

Keep an eye out for Mike Management Monday blog post this coming Monday on appraisals!

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