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Creating the Fantastic Practice

01 456 5288

Promising you light bulb moments throughout the day!

Overview of the day:

One day course for Principals, Dentists, Business Managers & Practice Managers.

Laura Horton and Michael Bentley will take us through the:

  • The importance of branding
  • 21st century marketing and how it looks and feels
  • Essential new patient phone skills
  • Slick systems for treatment planning
  • How to deliver powerful Treatment presentations
  • Why leadership is vital to ensuring the growth of the business
  • …. and many more

Event Date

  • 9th November 2017 Cork

Contact Henry Schein Ireland on 01 456 5288 to book your places!


Laura Horton

Laura has worked in dentistry for over 20 years, has over 13 years’ experience in practice management and 14 years’ experience working as a Treatment Coordinator. Laura has an unrivalled passion and enthusiasm for business and team development. For more information click about us!

Michael Bentley

Michael has worked for Horton Consulting since 2012 and has over 20 years’ experience as a Practice Manager and 12 years’ experience working as a Treatment Coordinator. For more information click about us!