Diary management

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August has been crazy so far! One thing I did not do too well was manage my diary in the first couple of weeks, the result was a shattered person who really wanted a lay in at the weekend. Isn’t it funny how when you want a lay in, and can have one, that you still wake up at the crack of dawn!

While I have been crazy, I have been into many new practices, observing some for the day and have been concerned by everyone’s diary management.

Whilst only 50% of the dentists could work out what they should be invoicing through daily they weren’t making sure this was happening.

Many had a diary full of children and adult exams for 5 weeks which is most definitely not good!

So as I have made an error and mismanaged my diary this month (which taught me  a great lesson) I wanted  to remind everyone that diary management is a key factor in your success, and it is important to focus on what you need to achieve from your diary.

Laura Horton

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