Dental team training – the new patient experience

Todays blog post comes from my experience working in dental practice as a team member (front desk, nursing, TCO and PM).

I cannot express enough in this post how important it is to have a consistent patient experience in your practice.

I rarely visit a practice that has a system that is followed by the team.

Consistency is key when delivering a 5* service to your patients.

My advice is to document a system that acts as your practice bible! It is a constant work in progress that is updated monthly. It contains a step by step guide that also includes verbal skills, and it is ideal to have one person responsible for the updates and ensuring that each team member only works from the latest copy.

Documents like this are like gold when it comes to taking new team members on board. This should act as a training document.

Each new person that joins your team should learn the entire contents while working out their notice. This shows their commitment to you and shows a good culture in your practice from the word go.

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