Dental practices: is your logo your brand?

While many think their logo is their brand, it is not.At work

I have for many years i’ve had dentists show me their choice of new logos confused over which one to pick. The team all have different opinions and the owner doesn’t know which one to go for. Mainly because they have not given their designers an insight to their brand.

My question is always – “what is this meant to represent? ”

The most common reply is: “I don’t know”

So what do you represent? What do your team think?

Think of the most commonly used brands in your house hold what do they say to you?

My favourite is Jo Malone, using these products makes me feel good, smell good and I love the comments I always get from people asking me what I am wearing. But I also love the experience of buying their products. The team are trained like no other, they have so much product knowledge, a great customer service experience and they believe in the products – that is the Jo Malone Brand and that is what I buy into. It is not just a nice scent.

When a car is being designed they first have to answer who is this car for? And then they get to work.

The path to success always starts with a Vision and Brand that tie in together. Not a logo that doesn’t mean a thing to anyone.


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