Dental photography: Magnification and consistent results

If you want to take correct photographs of teeth then standing there twisting the lens into focus isn’t the correct way.

This causes problems with consistency when you want to start building a portfolio, every picture should be the same size when you display it on a screen.

A full smile shot is known as a 1:2 shot. However, you have to allow for the magnification ratio. This is due to the size of the digital sensor in the SLR camera.

What does this mean?

To keep it simple your camera should be on the 1:3 setting to achieve the correct 1:2 shot. Line your lens up with this setting and then move your camera into focus, then snap away! Repeat this for all the 1:2 shots and you will soon see that your pre and post op shots will be the same size and you can even create nice transitions on powerpoint to really wow the patient with their before and after shots!

Laura Horton

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