Dental nurses – 10 reason not to fall off the register! (and how to claim some of the fee back)


I know that today many nurses are deciding or may already have decided not to renew their GDC registration this year and I wanted to share with you why you should not come off! I know for many it’s down to the cost but I needed to share this with you:

1. Are you aware that if you want to get back on it will cost you around £400? That’s what happened to a friend of mine in 2009. She decided not to renew as she was a PM at the time – big mistake! She was really unhappy in her job and decided to leave and temp as  nurse. She couldn’t work as it took almost 4 months to get back on the register.

You have to get so much information from your GP (which you have to pay for) and this takes a great deal of time. You still have to prove that you have kept up your CPD hours too.

2. History was made when DN’s were allowed on to the register – I was extremely proud as prior to this I was on a voluntary register. You are professionals!

3. I know it’s a big lump to pay out – if you don’t have it ask your practice or family for a loan to pay it, work out how much you can pay back a month so you can share this with them when you ask for a loan.

4. Get on the Dental Nurse Network site and get yourself a tax rebate You can claim 20% of the  fee plus any other fees such as the BADN fee and laundering costs.

5. While on that site check out their CPD packages – this is where I go to gain by CPD and it’s great. It’s affordable and some of it is free!

6.Set up a savings account and put £11.50 a month in there from now on – then set up a direct debit for next year.

7. Take the BADN salary survey – hopefully the results of this will ensure next year DN’s do not have to pay as much (and you might be able to get a new pair of shoes with your savings!) 

8. Many nurses that move into front desk, TCO, practice management and other jobs in dentistry decide not to renew – silly if you ask me, protect yourself by being registered!

9. Even you are thinking of leaving dentistry altogether, keep your registration until you decide for sure. Dental nursing is always there as a back up, the grass is rarely greener.

10. Ask your employer to pay for you next year, show them how you work hard, have no time of sick, are committed to your career but that on £8 an hour you just cant afford to pay it! You have nothing to loose by asking!

Do it today before it is too late!

Laura Horton

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