Dental marketing: How do you choose which brands you use?

From supermarket shopping to home improvements, we’re all aldi logoconstantly making choices about the businesses we use and work with. Equally, patients make the same decisions about our practices – so how can we make it more likely they will choose us?

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It’s all about making your brand distinct, and ensuring it reflects your business well. Follow these tips to
improve your brand:

Focus – have a clear picture in your mind of what your business does and ensure all your branding and marketing reflects this.

Confidence – Having set out your vision, make sure you stick with it. You and your staff will feel confident in your brand and will not be swayed by what others are doing.

Adaptation – If your vision changes, or your market changes, don’t be afraid to change your brand to be a better fit. It’s not advisable to be doing this every six months, but all brands need a refresh from time to time, and keeping a recognisable element while updating the overall image is always a good idea.

Message – make sure everything you do is clear and people outside your business can instantly understand it.

Community – your brand can be enhanced by working with other compatible businesses, and by supporting the community through charity work, event sponsorship and so on. You will also build a sense of community around your brand as a result.

The key to all these elements is to be consistent. If you and your staff are maintaining your brand throughout the business, it will be clear to outsiders as well. The more consistent you are, the more effective your message will be – and the more clearly your patients will understand and appreciate what you stand for and what you can offer them. If you’re in line with their needs and values, they’ll soon be queuing up to join you.

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