Dental marketing: Consistent branding

There’s an old adage that says familiarity breeds contempt. That may be true in some situations, but when it comes to branding, familiarity is exactly what you want to achieve.jomalone

A familiar brand builds trust, loyalty and even love. The more people see your logo, hear your slogan or notice your brand, the more they will recognise it and the values it represents.

If you think your branding needs improvement, try looking at how the world’s biggest brands have established themselves and take inspiration from them. Whether it’s Nike, Vodafone, Coca Cola or Chanel, they have all been around for many years and their branding plays a significant role in their success. Some have kept the same branding for many years, while others have made some changes – but their brand has always remained instantly recognisable.

It can take years of hard work to establish a brand, so changing it too frequently will do more harm than good. However, you can still be consistent without getting stuck in a rut. For example, if your practice is known for being innovative and exciting, your brand should reflect this, and keeping it exactly the same for many years will undermine that creativity. Instead of feeling trapped by a branding decision you made two years ago, why not keep some elements of the brand for consistency, such as the logo design, but create new interest with brighter colours or a snappy slogan?

Whatever you do, it is important to be patient. When businesses splash out on marketing campaigns, they often expect instant results. They place an expensive advert in a magazine, then sit back and wait for the customers to come flooding in – and invariably, they are disappointed. The most effective marketing campaigns are those which play the long game and seek steady, sustainable results.

In effect, what you want is a regular drip, drip, drip of publicity over time. Your branding should appear in all your marketing: advertising, brochures, newsletters, website, social media and more. Only then will people recognise and trust your practice – and you will reap the rewards.



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