Dedication and commitment

On Friday I felt lucky to meet 4 committed and dedicated ladies. It was the study day for the treatment coordinator qualification, that was not compulsory for the students to attend.

The 4 that did attend really need to give themselves a pat on the back. Now I know it is not always easy to get the time off work to attend the study days, and those who couldn’t come did want to.

Everyone who has been on a correspondence course and has attended study days knows the benefits of attending.

The reason I was so impressed was that all 4 girls had travelled from far to attend the day in London.

They were all up early and 2 of them were up at 3.30am to travel in. They travelled from Cornwall, Dorset, Lancashire and Northern Ireland. The student from Northern Ireland flew over the night before and had not only paid for her flight she had also stayed in a hotel too.

I saw a great picture today and have entered it into this post as it is key for anyone studying, pushing themselves to a knew level. After all if every course was easy then everyone would do it, right?

I know from personal experience that starting a course is a big commitment, it’s not easy and at times hard but you have to stay committed to help yourself grow.


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