Dealing with new patient email enquiries

Every week I help and advise practices in this area – how to get a conversion, and what steps to take to increase your chances of success.

Laura Horton

This week I will give you four top tips, one  per day to help increase your chances of converting the new patient email.

In practice I used to become frustrated with patients that would email and then not respond to a phone call or an email from us. A few ago however, I found myself doing exactly what patients’ did!

Sept 2012:

On my way to the gym this morning I received a call, it was a local number to my personal mobile phone.

I didn’t answer it because 1. I was driving and 2. I wondered who on earth it was.

They left a voicemail and when I arrived at the gym I listened to it. It was from a  wedding venue that I had emailed via their website over the weekend.

The weekend was crazy busy and I have to say that I still don’t remember contacting them, but do remember being on their site and telling my fiancé all about the venue!

If I didn’t remember contacting a venue for something as important as a wedding, chances are patients’ don’t remember contacting you, so you need solid systems in place to make sure you are at the front of their mind. This week I will share with you some tips and hints to help you in these areas.

I want to start today by saying that once you have a great system in place do not take it personally if the patient doesn’t make contact with you – I still haven’t called back the venue and doubt I will get round to it just yet – really all I want is an email address to arrange a time to see the venue, all I have is the contact form on their site!

Laura Horton

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